About Us
We’re a group of creative thinkers who have built a business to change the world.

The digital transformation has become a necessity for today's businesses. Remaining relevant in an increasingly dynamic and competitive environment has led companies to actively seek out how to take advantage of technology opportunities.However, many remain confused. Without clear strategies, they make superficial changes that consume time and resources and do not generate the expected results.

Frustrated, they wonder what are the secrets of the leading organizations in the market, the tricks that allow them to automate processes and achieve a competitive advantage over others. These are the tricks that Netux knows. Its magic gives life to software and hardware robots that have automated processes for more than ten years and are ready to leave the mountains of Antioquia to transform companies around the world.

Netux robots are friendly, efficient and personalized in the case of each company. Once implemented, companies notice how their routines begin to change: now even the manager can have meaningful interactions while having morning coffee. All thanks to the fact that the robots are doing their job, freeing up people's time so they can devote themselves to the things that really matter.

IoT - AI - Data
To increase the efficiency, safety, and sustainability of our community.